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An Exclusive Interview with Rob Raco by: Mindy Parker

What’s an insanely fun-filled, all around good vibe day look like? And what would the soundtrack to that day be?


Ha, lately it's been sitting on a plane, traveling alone, looking out the window on my way to a new destination,

listening to obscure songs in a "Chill" playlist. It's fun for me to dive into new material.

So, an insanely fun day for me would be reading

a new screenplay and seeing how I can find something new about myself through reading it…

and finding the soundtrack for that idea of me.


What’s your favorite getaway?


My favorite getaway currently is taking my jeep to the beach and camping to reground and

get away from the energy of Los Angeles. It has made me rediscover music and the colors songs can emanate. I’m loving my new playlists.


Why do you feel called to play drums most, above all other instruments?


Drums came to me. I was a shy kid vocally and to be the thunderous, emotional being in a room was always a challenge.

Drums were the vehicle that allowed me to become me.


What’s one major growth spurt you’ve had since entering into the public eye? And one aspect that has been challenging?


One major growth spurt I've see within myself is the ability to say no.

That sounds simple but it's so important overall, and especially for me in art and acting, to say no to the things that I don’t NEED in my life.

The challenge within that is

knowing it may keep me unemployed for awhile, but all is a lesson of growth.

I want to be the Artist. Not the Celebrity.



What’s one quality you are majorly attracted to in another person and one quality that you don’t mesh well with.


I’m extremely attracted to people with real hearts. They’re a rare breed in this industry and in this generation.

I don’t care what you do or who you are as long as you’re truthful to yourself and let your heart shine.

I do not mesh with people who try too fucking hard. Breathe.


In what ways do you feel you get to fully explore and express yourself, even beyond acting and playing drums?


I feel I fully express myself when I listen to music and have an emotional reaction that I can’t control.

I usually end up talking aloud to myself. I read about a technique Matthew McConaughey does called the “steering wheel monologues”,

where he just vents in a given moment while driving. I use that with music and it’s fucking therapy.


When you do feel most confident, light-hearted and at your optimal energy level?


Alone in a room with a few books, a guitar and some drumsticks.



Face: Rob Raco | Interview By: Mindy Parker | Photography by: Bianca Gerasia | Styling by: Michelle HyeBin Yang

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