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Katelyn Nacon | Nineteen | Actress / Musician 

Interview by: Mindy Parker

Being from Atlanta, how have your Southern roots influenced your personality and interests?

Well being from the south I’d love to say I have some Southern hospitality and charm, but however much I have of that is evened out by my overwhelming sarcasm. Overall, I have my parents to thank really for instilling the morals and manners that I have today. I will also say that I can make some seriously tasty southern bakes though, all thanks to my true Southern Mammaw.

Congrats on your new single ‘Undone’! What is your song-writing process like and what draws you most to creating music?

I’ve been singing my entire life and it’s always been something I’ve inately loved. When it comes to writing music it can either start with an idea or feeling or just a simple melody I have stuck in my head. Overall, writing music has become a form of therapy for me where I can release all those emotions and feelings I may not be able to communicate through just talking it out.

What really inspires your talents in acting and music?

Ever since I was a kid I just loved singing and playing pretend and somehow it has just developed into what it is today. I would definitely have to thank my parents for always supporting me and motivating me to get to where I am at today.

Through your travels so far, what place in the world has really opened your eyes?

I had the great opportunity to visit Florence, Italy and almost instantly fell in love. The food was incredible and the city itself was so inspiring and comforting at the same time.


In what ways have you had to step out of your comfort zone in your career thus far and in what ways would you further like to be challenged in your work to continue growing?

I’ve played characters that have been through very different situations than I have and have taken harmful measures to cope with their problems. It was rather challenging to not only understand and get inside the head of that character but to also get out of that mind set. I can only hope that I can get challenged like that for the rest of my career because to me that is one of the most interesting and enticing parts of it all.

What can we expect from you in the future?!

More of the same and hopefully a little bit of the new. Vague I know but it’s more fun to keep you guessing.

Interview by: Mindy Parker

Photographer:Bianca Gerasia

Makeup: Jenny Ventura

Hair: Amaran Asylum

Styling: Madison George

Talent: Katelyn Nacon rep. by Platform Pr

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